My Cloud Home 6TB nevers spins down the drive

I’ve just bought a 6TB version of the My Cloud Home. Everything has installed fine and I can transfer files to and fro, and have even had Plex Media Server running without issues. However the unit never enters Power Save. The hard drive constantly spins and from the sound/vibrations it seems the unit is writing/reading the drive intermittently - every 5 to 20 seconds, which is presumably what is preventing the drive from spinning down?

I’ve raised a ticket wit WD - no response.

I’ve trawled the knowledge base and found suggestions to do with Plex settings, none of these made a difference. I’ve even deisabled Plex completely, along with Analytics, so there should be nothing running, but the drive still runs 24/7.

Is my unit faulty and I need to return it (Amazon purchase) or is it a firmware issue that WD are likely to fix? - It’s running 7.12.1-170 firmware, which seems to be the latest.

Your unit isn’t faulty.
Sadly, it’s the way the My Cloud Home devices are designed.
I myself have noticed this a bit over a year ago, and I contacted the customer support. All I was told is that because it’s a ‘server’, it has to be always running.