My Cloud Home - 4 TB

I set this thing up like 2 weeks ago. Everything was working fine. I could right click on a folder and say “Sync to My Cloud” and it looked like it was working.

Fast forward to today, and nothing has synced! No folders, nothing!

Now i cant even right click on a folder and tell it to sync.

I have installed and reinstall the Discovery software.

I have no clue to what the hell I need to do now. I am thinking about returning this and just getting a synology.

Any ideas? besides -

its your computer - No it isnt. Core i7-7820x, 32gb of ram, m2 1tb samsung pro, windows 10 pro
oh yeah, I built the system 2.5 weeks ago.

Everything else works fine.

Just the WD software and the inability to use a device that i paid for.

So much for ease of use…

Now. I have installed WD Discovery on a second system and signed in using the same account and the folder i created isnt even showing.

What kind of ■■■■■■ up NAS/Cloud device is this?

I don’t own the My Cloud Home and I don’t want one. Have you visited the Learning Center for more information?

Here is a link to the User Manual.

Chances are the folder created on the previous PC is in the Public LAN Share which is different that the User Private Space accessible using WD Discovery Desktop, Mobile and Web App.