My Cloud goes off line

I have a 4TB My Cloud that I initially plan to use for archiving photographic files. But there are a few issues I’ve encountered.

The primary issue is that the My Cloud device goes off line, typically after a few hours, and I can’t communicate with it at all. The only recourse is to pull out the power plug, then plug it back in again, i.e. to restart the device. I’ve tried connecting it to my router (Netgear WNDR-4000) by a couple of different routes, including a direct cable rather than via the usual network switch located in my office; but the issue persists. I have also reset the device by pressing the Reset button for 4 seconds, and that made no difference to the behavior.

Apart this problem, the My Cloud appears to function generally correctly. For example, I can transfer files to and fro, and I successfully created and updated a Safepoint on a 4TB external drive connected to the My Cloud’s USB 3 port.

I have the My Cloud set up with a static IP address. It also has the latest firmware update (v03.04.01-230).
Would appreciate any suggestions about this as it renders the device largely impracticable to use.

The firmware is very bnuggy.

The only quick fix: Give it back for a full refund!

Yes, I think you are correct, it needs to go back for a refund. The concept/specification of this device is attractive, but the implementation doesn’t yet appear quite ready for prime time.

And I see there is another thread that is covering my specific problem in detail.