My Cloud Gen2 Debain + OMV for dummys

Hello Community

Maybe somebody here can help me. I’m looking for a tutorial on how to install Debain + OMV without any UNIX knowledge on the My Cloud Gen2. Or a detaliertere variant of this guide Link … For example what is meant here? Which program do I have to open or how can I copy it to the following path? It seems to me as if a step before it is missing?
“# Copy uImage, uRamdisk and rootfs-jessie.tar.xz to /boot/boot (Overwrite all)”

About a step by step instructions, I would be very happy!

I just need an installation guide no configuration, the firmware.

Those instructions ARE step by step. That line

“# Copy uImage, uRamdisk and rootfs-jessie.tar.xz to /boot/boot (Overwrite all)”

… is what’s done step-by-step below it.

Yes, but when I enter the first line of the commandos in Putty “parted / dev / sda” comes “-sh: parted: not found”.
And uImage + uRamdisk I find in root directory in / boot not in boot / boot is that correct?
At what point of the text file is explained where I copy the files downloaded to the notebook on the network hard drive? Or come as described in other manuals / forums in the / Public?
Could you possibly only time the commands I have to type without comments here?
I think that from the link posted by me here is from the running error or is it not with a current firmware from WD?

I think you’re supposed to be doing it from your desktop, with the drive removed from the My Cloud and attached to your PC. Then use a Linux Live distro.