My Cloud Gen1 or Gen2

I have got new sealed WD My Cloud 2TB, is there any way to know if it’s Gen1 or Gen2 before I open the box?
I already have Gen1 so I want the next one to be Gen2 to get some improvements.

As indicated in another recent thread apparently the different versions are indicated in the P/N number by the use of either a “- 00” for the older generation one My Cloud using the v3.x/v4.x firmware, or the use of “- 01” (edit to add: or “- 10”) for the newer generation of My Cloud using the v2.x firmware. This P/N number is listed on the bottom of the My Cloud enclosure, and should also be listed on the outside of the box.

took a little time out from my busy life :stuck_out_tongue: to check up on this and took two model number photos; one of my old cloud and one of my new cloud, then started up photoshop to blank out my serial number, just in case.

To confirm Bennor’s statement, it looks like the use “- 10” on mine don’t know about “01” indicates the newer generation and the use of “- 00” for the older generation.

here are the two photos…

My new cloud

My old cloud

The Gen1 box is roughly cubic.
The Gen2 box is substantially slimmer…

I noticed that as I dug out my old gen1 box on how big and fat it was, like when they designed the first box they wanted to take up more shelf space to dominate the seller’s shelves. Then they decided to design it slimmer so the seller can keep more stock on the shelf; just my imagination of what they must be thinking :stuck_out_tongue:

and the other difference would be the writing is slightly faded on the get 1 :stuck_out_tongue: