My Cloud Fury!

The device notified me that the RAID had degraded (it was configured in Raid 1). I replaced Drive 2 because it said that was the problem. It then said that neither of the drives in the device was configured for raid and there was no Rebuild Raid button to configure the new replacement drive from the original drive still in the device. Now it’s saying drive 1 has failed. I put the original drive 2 back in to see if that would remind it that it was raid configured and it thinks that drive is fine now! Rage! Has anybody experienced this before? Can anybody suggest anything to try and fix it?

Hi biketastik,

Sometimes after placing the new drive with old drive which configured in RAID 1, Automatic RAID rebuild option is not working or available to rebuild. In this case, you can try to manually rebuild RAID and then it will be available to use.