My cloud found but failed to connect

I can see the My Cloud but when connecting I got the message failed to connect.
My operating system is windows 7. How can I connect my cloud?

Can you provide more detailed information about what the app is showing and what is happening? You question is quite generic. It’ll help everyone understand the issue better.

I try to connect my cloud via the WD my cloud application on my desktop version
Hope this is the info you’re looking for

The cloud is visible in my network

What is the firmware version on your My Cloud. The current version is v04.04.01-112.
I’m assuming this is the NAS you have:

You’re correct about the type! How can I check the version?

Just sign-onto your NAS’s UI, It’ll be on the first page that is presented to you.

Regarding the Desktop App. I Assume you’ve followed the procedure documented in here:

Something else to consider. Could the firewall on the computer preventing detection of your NAS? This happened to me so on the NAS I generated a code and used that instead of the Desktop App finding the NAS on the network.

How can I sign on?
For your information I’m using the cloud for some years and noticed the malfunction resently so it was working well in the past I can’t remember what has been changed in the setup.

I’ve enabled the firewall and this doesn’t change anything in accessing my cloud.

Try this. Make a note of all the NASs settings then perform a system only reset. Once done manually put back the NASs settings.

All data and shares will remain on the NAS. I think the users are removed so you’ll need to put those back and re-establish access permissions.

Remove the NAS from any WD apps and re-add the NAS to those apps.

Once you’ve done this, take a back-up of the NAS’s configuration.

See if that works. I’ve had an issue with another WD NAS losing communication with WD’s servers. A system only restore worked. Once it’s working and you take a configuration back-up, if it happens again then simply import the saved known working configuration.

It’s an educated guess that something in the NAS has been upset. If not then a system only restore and manual restoration of the NASs configuration should eliminate the NAS from the problem.

Things that may have changed:

  • firmware: do you have auto-update enabled?
  • IP address: check your router to see what IP address it is using for your device. Then use this address to access the Dashboard.

Sorry, I’m not that familiar with the NAS. How can I see all settings of the NAS as I’m not able to access the NAS?

How can I check if the auto-update is enabled?
I can’t access the IP adress, the message reads “web page is not available”

First “NAS” stands for Network Attached Storage which is what the WD My Cloud is, it is a network attached storage device. Second, one uses the WD My Cloud Dashboard (via their web browser) to access the Settings > Firmware page where they can review the settings for automatically updating the WD My Cloud firmware. The setting is either On or Off.

If you can no longer access your WD My Cloud Dashboard by it’s IP address, chances are good that IP address for the WD My Cloud has changed. One can find the My Cloud’s new IP address either through their broadband router/gateway administration page which should list the DHCP IP addresses on the local network. Or one can use either the WD Discovery Software or My Net View Network Evaluation Tool to find the WD MY Cloud’s new IP address. Both software programs available for download from the following WD Support link: