My cloud folders replicate

in my cloud storage suddenly replicated folders appears when you double click it you re enter the same folder again >>> i cant rename it , move it or delete it … i tried to delete it but its won"t … what i do ? :confused::neutral_face:

Are you using any sync or backup software that may be trying to recursively re-create the Public folder?

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Not at all… And its not in public folder only
Its in every share… example … IT, CEO, Documents… In every main folder… Subfolders are clean

I have the same issue. Does anyone know why this happens. I am also running WDsync on one of my volumes. but this shows up on my shares on both volumes.
So, for example, my “Media” share now has a folder in it called “Media” and inside that is a directory of my Media share with a folder called “Media” in it, etc. (like a recursive directory listing of my Media share).

I’ve discovered i have the same issue with multiple shares have recursive sub-subdirectories. Anyone find a solution?

It appears, I managed to solve this problem, at least for a time.

You need to enter the web interface (dashboard) of your MyCloud using its IP address, then go to Apps tab and run “Web File Viewer”. Then in every affected folder you’ll see undefined file (very small, some bytes) with the same name as this folder. Deleting this file removes these “false” recursive folders.

Just an FYI, the single bay/single drive My Cloud units (the subject of this subforum) may not have the “Web File VIewer” under the Apps tab. The single bay My Cloud units do not officially support third party apps that the multi bay My Cloud units support. Further the first gen (v4.x) single bay My Cloud does not have an apps tab on the Dashboard.

It worked for me.
Thank you!

This worked for me too. But, my question is, what caused this recursed structure in the first place??? My previous “fix” was to transfer ALL directories & files to an external drive, destroy the share containing the recursed structure, recreate the share and copy all the directories & files back to the share. But the recursed structure returned - when, I do not know, but its de ja vu all over again. The Web File Viewer approach is much easier but I’m not sure I’d try it with live data in the recursed structure. I’m very leary of this situation - in my first encounter I actually thought the repeating directories & files were copies of the files eating up precious space - NOPE! At some point while deleting those “duplicates” I realized my mistake. They were multiple “references” to the files, not multiple files (hope that makes sense)
This is a crazy thought but are there any “reserved” names that should not be used as share names? My two cases of this occured in a shares named “Libraries” and “Public”.
Would the RAID config have anything to do with forming a recursed structure? My server is set up as 4x6TB RAID 10