My Cloud Firmware​2 Feedback

I recently replace my 2TB WDMC with a 3TB WDMC.  In doing that I needed to get the data off of the 2TB.

I found this to be incredibly difficult.  

I would advice everyone to try and do it, if you haven’t already, because if the day comes and you need to it may be harder than you think.

I tried moving data directly from the 2TB to the 3TB, moving data to a HDD on my desktop. Moving data to a USB drive connected to my desktop, to a USB MYBOOK connected to the 3TB … man, the calculated times were in the days, like 14 days.  

I finally moved folders from the various shares manually.

I then tried to delete the data on the 2TB … again a VERY slow process, so I reset to factory defaults.  It seemed to run for 3 days.  I unplugged the 2TB and restarted and it did come back to life.

Practice before you need to do something.

Manually upgraded.  Took SEVERAL restarts to even be able to access my files.  Now I am no longer able to access the dashboard.  All I get is “This web page is unavailable - ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED”.

Please advise.

you probably got a new IP Address assigned to your WD.  Rud the discover utility or look at attached devices in your router and check the IP address


Good thought.  I have mine set up for a static IP address though.  

Seems as though there was some sort of background operation running that took a long time.  I am now able to access the dashboard page although it is extremely slow to respond.



Good thought.  I have mine set up for a static IP address though.  

Where have you set up static IP?  Does your router know it’s supposed to be using a static IP, or does it think it should be assigning an IP using DHCP…?

A firmware upgrade may well trigger re-running of the indexing and thumbnailing tasks:

Having found a bargain 2TB MyCloud (‘better the devil you know’), I decided to make it a genuine Cloud access device, to serve stuff I really don’t care about, and have copies of. As supplied, it had v04.01.02-417 installed, so I thought I might as well make use of the POODLE fix and install 04.01.04-422.

I stuck the .deb on the desktop, and used the Dashboard Manual Firmware Update utility.  The progress bar was rather jumpy, but, after about ten minutes, I had a ‘rebooting’ page in the browser. I recalled seeing this sit there for ages before, so I refreshed the page, and up came the new Dashboard.

All settings, shares and users are preserved.

It started a ‘Content Scan’, and showed a ‘-’ for capacity, so I SSH’d in and killed the indexing and thumbnailer:

/etc/init.d/wdmcserverd stop
/etc/init.d/wdphotodbmergerd stop

First one stopped okay, second one said ‘no such process’.  Fine; it said the same when I killed them before I upgraded.

Going back to the Dashboard, ‘Content Scan’ is now idle, and capacity reporting correctly.

So, it’s looking promising so far.


The only problem I’ve found so far is that NTP was turned off, so the time was wrong. By a couple of months. I guess it was the build time (April 25th or so?). This setting should be retained across firmware upgrade, IMHO.

I set it to use a static IP in the Settings - Network - Network Services section of the dashboard.  I have also set up a static route on my router (Netgear WNDR4500).

When I access the dashboard today I see ’ - ’ for capacity and ‘Error’ for content scan.  :o(

I’m thinking about turning off all the media features and just using it as plain old storage.

With regard to the link you added - it all looks very promising but I don’t even know how to SSH into anything!  Are there steps I can take via the dashboard that will accomplish the same (or close to it)?

 it all looks very promising but I don’t even know how to SSH into anything!

SSH is pretty straightforward; it’s just a way to log in to a command line interface.

Use Dashboard Settings|Network|SSH ON to turn on SSH on the MyCloud. Accept the root password it offers.

Download and install PuTTY.


It will ask you the IP and Port you wish to connect to; use the static IP you have set, and Port 22.

Log in as root, with the password (welc0me)

Type the two commands to disable the services. One may say ‘no such process’.

Type ‘exit’ to log out, and close PuTTY.


Are there steps I can take via the dashboard that will accomplish the same (or close to it)?

No; it’s one of the regular complaints about missing features and faults of the Dashboard.

Thanks!  I’ll give it a shot.

Oh, BTW, my post about getting a new MyCloud and upgrading firmware was a reply to this thread, not your specific post. It’s just coincidence that they have a common theme…

The ‘scan’ report is also used for the Twonky DLNA server, but I don’t find this takes very long: about 12 minutes for 62k music tracks.

Have you fiddled with the Shared folders via the Twonky UI?  One thing I had forgotten about (as I’ve fixed it on my other cloud) is how much the Twonky UI and the Dashboard fight; if you enable media streaming on a share, the Dashboard adds it to the /etc/contentdir file that tells Twonky where to look for files when you turn it on. If you then use Twonky’s UI to disable that Shared folder, the Dashboard gets all huffy, and spits out ‘400162’ errors.

[edit]: just tried that again; no 400162 errors this time. thought I understood the thing for a moment…

Didn’t even know there was a TWONKY UI

Put me in the list with users whose My Cloud was unable to upgrade. I used to have a MyBookLive and got RMAed. I received a MyCloud with recertfified HDD. FW is 4.01.02. I tried upgrading with both the downloaded file and through web, same result, unable to finish. I remember the issues with MBL and I see that MyCloud continues the tradition. At least my nas still works and it is not bricked. For the time…

I do have the same problem.
I have lost access to MyCloud Dashboard right After Manually Upgraded to 04.04.03-113.

The unit is accessible by File Manager, the data is there. I can copy files from it.
I have verified the IP address on my Router’s ARP list (I know the MAC address of MyClod. Jotted down at the time of first connection)
I can ping it. It responds fast.
But the Dashboard, from Chrome, just gives me the “Connection Refused” message.

Do other web browsers exhibit the same error/problem?

Did you by chance “unbrick” your My Cloud at some time in the past? If so there is a known problem that some have experienced when unbricking a My Cloud to v3.x firmware then upgrading to v4.x firmware. The Dashboard is no longer found/accessible.

Hi Bennor,

Thanks for your reply.
Frankly I do not know what unbricking is, but I am sure that I did not do it.
I just upgraded the firmware from 04.01.03-421 to 04.04.03-113.

I have the same issue with Opera, not just with Chrome.
Today I was able to access it once, by de-powering and on-powering My Cloud.

However after some hours the Dashboard has went back to invisible again.

I have monitored the symptoms with some more details.

It apears that MyCloud goes to sleep after 15 minutes from rebooting it.
Apparently processes initiated dueing that 15 minutes and running are clamped to access MyCloud, but no new process can be initiated after 15 minutes awake time.

This is what I observed:
After powering up MyCloud (04.04.03-113) it goes on the network OK and I…

  1. … Can see its MAC and IP on my router’s ARP List.
  2. … Have access to its Dashboard through my Browsers.
  3. … Can access it via Win-7 File Explorer.
  4. … Can execute file back ups to it normally.

Every time, exactly 15 minutes, after powering up MyCloud goes to „sleep” and I…

  1. … Can NOT see its MAC and IP on my router’s ARP List.
  2. … Have NO access to its Dashboard through my Browsers.
  3. … Can access it via Win-7 File Explorer.
  4. … Can execute file back ups to it normally.

In MyCloud Setup I have the items below turned off…
… Energy Saver: Drive Sleep
… Media Streaming
… iTune Server

The symptoms had been the same when the above items were on.

Try performing a 40 second reset and see if that clears the issue of loosing access to the dashboard. Sometimes performing a 40 second reset can clear certain strange My Cloud issues.

There are a number of threads that discuss the LONG running sleep issues with the My Cloud units. There are a number of methods to try that include turning off certain My Cloud firmware services that might help. Use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, to find those other discussions.

How do you know that the drive is sleeping? You have turned off drive sleep. It should not sleep.
The next time you reboot the system. SSH into the device. cd to /var/log. Then grep standby user.log. If the drive has entered sleep. There should be entries like.
2016-09-15T08:19:57.513943-04:00 di=WfOf5hjVLP notice logger: exit standby after 46 (since 2016-09-15 08:19:11.589370001 -0400)
Every time the disk wakes up a log entry like the above is written to user.log.


I think Masch_Wolf is using ‘sleep’ in a colloquial sense, to mean that the MyCloud simply stops responding to any attempts to access, not that it goes into Sleep mode.

Hence the „sleep”.