My Cloud Firmware 2.31.163 download link not working

I’ve tried downloading the latest firmware for My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 (2.31.163) but keep getting a ‘page isn’t working’ error (screenshot attached)

Is the link down?


The link in your screenshot is for the current version 2.31.174 not the previous version 2.31.163 which you mention.

Although I downloaded and installed 2.31.174 recently I am also now getting a “file not found” error for the link.

If this version has been withdrawn then I wonder why? An explanation from WD is necessary I think.

Correct (thanks for catching the typo)

I went to the downloads page and selected the latest for ’ My Cloud Mirror Gen2’ which is 2.31.174

Thanks the for the reply, happy to see it’s not something on my end

A response from WD would be welcome - has 2.31.174 been withdrawn? I just checked and the URL still comes up “file not found”.