My Cloud Firmware 2.21.111 (7/25/16) Discussion

I find that very odd! Who’s going to be the guinea pig??:rolling_eyes:

Ah, another fallout from the differences between MyCloud and MyCloud…

I’ll add that to the list…

Nope, both v2.x and v4.x are “.BIN” files.

No they’re not. If one takes a look at the current v4.x My Cloud firmware and the previous v2.x My Cloud firmware and extracts them, they’d see that each has a different file extension.

v2.x: => My_Cloud_GLCR_2.11.140.bin
V4.x: => sq-040403-113-20160510.deb

The downloads directly from WD for me are both “BIN” files. Your link is a ZIP, at the site it’s a “BIN”. Even your v2 link to the zip generates a different byte count “BIN” file.

If one looks at the link posted above for earlier firmware they’d see that many of the prior firmware versions were issued as a zip file. I even commented above on this that they didn’t zip this latest v2.x firmware file for some reason. If one follows the link ( WD posted in the announcement thread/post elsewhere (and linked to in my top post) they’ll see in the “Updating the firmware on your My Cloud” section at the bottom of the page, the following text: “2. Unzip the file and you will find the actual firmware in this format:” (obviously a typo)

For the v4.x firmware the support page under “Updating the firmware on your My Cloud” it indicates the following: “2. Unzip the file and you will find the actual firmware in this format: sq-040403-xxx-2016xxxx.deb.”

WD initially posted an announcement of the v2.x My Cloud firmware update back on the 22st then pulled that announcement only to post it again yesterday. When they initially posted the announcement on the 21st they didn’t post the firmware, but they did (for what ever reason) post the GPL firmware.

I used the previous v2.x firmware file as an example to show its a BIN file and was in a zipped file when compared to the current v4.x firmware file which is also zipped but is a DEB file. When I wrote up the previous firmware thread that I post above, I pulled the URL links right from the WD website, they came from posts in this My Cloud subforum that were made when the firmware was initially released.

When I download the two zipped firmware files from the links I posted in my prior post here is what they show when I click into them, one DEB (v4.x), the other BIN (v2.x) when viewed with Windows 10 Windows File Explorer.

v2.x firmware -

v4.x firmware -

I somehow miss-clicked on something, I now get the DEB file for v4. That BIN file for v2 must be wrong as an update check still shows my OS as being the most current and auto update is OFF.

I see what the problem is at their site but no need to explain it here, a poor UI for sure!

I submitted a support ticket about the DEB vs BIN file for v2. My MC still shows I have the most current firmware.

For what purpose?

The second generation My Clouds that run v2.x have always used “.bin” files. Versus the first generation My Clouds running v3.x or v4.x have always used “.deb” files. The second generation My Cloud uses different hardware and OS than the first generation My Cloud. One possible reason for using different file extensions (beyond how they’re complied) is possibly to prevent users from bricking their My Cloud by loading the wrong firmware. More than once we’ve seen 2nd gen My Cloud users ask about loading the older 1st gen firmware thinking it was newer because its v4.x rather than v2.x. More confusion introduced by WD’s product and firmware naming conventions.

As I mentioned earlier in this thread, “all” my last firmware updates have been “DEB” files and when I check for updates from the Dashboard, it finds nothing! Nobody has posted that the “BIN” works anyway and I’m have no plans to be the first to brick mine if per chance that happens.

What is the current version of your firmware?


Again, there are two different versions of the single bay My Cloud devices now, that while they share the same name use DIFFERENT firmware. The older version (gen 1) that uses the v3.x and v4.x firmware with the DEB extension. The older version My Cloud’s CANNOT currently be upgraded using the v2.x firmware BIN file. The newer version (gen 2) uses the v2.x firmware with the BIN extension. One cannot flash the newer version with the older v3.x/v4.x firmware. Blame WD for this stupid confusion.

If you always used firmware with a “DEB” extension then chances are you are using the OLDER generation 1 single bay My Cloud device. The current latest firmware for the older generation 1 single bay My Cloud is 04.04.03-113 that was released on 5/23/2016.

Apparently, it’s v4! Another case of looking but not seeing!! I’ll bet that v2 didn’t have six firmware updates either? When did gen 2 or v2 come out?

There are a total of five v2.x firmware update files including the initial firmware release file right now per the release notes for v2.x firmware. The v2.x release notes further indicate the initial firmware release was 2.10.302 ad was issued on 10/7/2015.

Edit to add: The firmware version for the single bay My Clouds are listed on the Home Dashboard page under Firmware in addition to being listed under the Dashboard > Settings > Firmware > Available Updates section.

Yeah I see that now, don’t know how I missed it right there. Too much multitasking home projects on my mind.

Tech Support’s answer was that one can use either a “DEB” or “BIN” both work without even asking if I had v2 or v4. So is that untrained Tech Support?

Probably. Normally the first line of tech support often is just reading from a prepared list of answers to common questions or from a flow chart type sheet. Its not surprising to find out that some (many?) don’t even go hands on with the very products they’re providing customer support for other than a quick intro training class.

I know for a fact that I cannot flash a v4.x My Cloud with v2.x firmware, because for giggles I tried it when WD first released the v2.x firmware. :laughing:

Well, their answer was either works! What did it do?

The only time I ever used a BIN file was to format a USB flash drive using Win32DiskImager program and this was used along with another file to exploit the first generation Google Chromecast dongle to become Flashcast of which I have two.

When trying to flash My_Cloud_GLCR_2.21.111.bin to a v04.04.03-113 single by My Cloud I get the following error message immediately after clicking on the Install and Reboot button:

<shakes head in despair>

Maybe I should take that call with their ‘Customer Relations Manager’…