My Cloud File Name Change

When I copy a DVD as an MP4 file, it pulls the file name from the DVD. I rename the file to the movie name and upload it to my WD MyCloud. When I open the My Cloud app on my phone or my computer, I see all the file names as I have renamed them, but when I open the My Cloud drive on my tv, it is the file name that was the original file name from the DVD before I changed the file name. How can I make sure the file names are the ones I have renamed instead of the DVD automatic file name it pulls?

Are you able to provide more information, such as, type of TV you have and how you are trying to view your videos.

I have no problems with mine. I have a Sony Bravia 4K UHD TV in my living room and when I choose videos and look at the ones on my My Cloud the videos/movies I have changed the names on are exactly as I wrote them. In my bedroom I have a Magnavox TV using a Roku media player and again I have no problems with my videos/movies and their names.

What you are seeing is the DLNA media player/client on the smart TV using the metadata from the file rather than the file name. This is normal when it comes to using DLNA media server/client. You can use a metadata editor (like Media Monkey or MP3Tag for example) to edit certain media file type’s metadata to correct (or remove) metadata information.

You may want to review the following thread that has much more information on using the My Cloud DLNA (Twonky) media server.