My Cloud - failing diags, no support for reading the logfile from WD

About a week ago, I started getting files that I could not read off of my My Cloud drive.

Also the daily save points started to fail.

When I run the full diag, it fails with no information.

I contacted the support and attempted to send my logfiles in to be read. However the WD domain tells me that the attachement size it too large. So I can’t send in the logfile for someone to read and tell me why the diag is failing.

I put them on drop box so WD Support can get them.

I keep getting the person at WD telling me to attach the logfiles and email them in. I keep explaining that I can’t due to the size. He keeps sending me email telling me how to save the logfile and asking me to email them in. I keep telling him to grab them from the drop box link I sent him. He then sends me an email on how to save the logfiles and wants me to email them in. etc etc

Is WD support a robot program?

I did a quick factory system restore. Things seemed to work for a few days and now I am back to the same point. I will try a full factory system restore, however, I would like the logfiles to be read to confirm that I don’t have some bad hardware and should return it.



Can you please update to the latest firmware?