My Cloud EX4100 RAID 1 with hot spare failover?

I just purchased my new EX4100. My previous vendor’s NAS allow RAID 1 to be across more than 2 drives, i.e. all 3 or 4 drives to have same data, is this supported on EX4100?

If not, and RAID 1 on the EX4100 only supports 2 drives, then how do I setup RAID 1 [drive 1 + drive 2 as volume 1] with hot spare failover to drive 3 and/or drive 4?

According to data sheet this should be possible, at

“RAID: JBOD, spanning, 0/1/5/10 + hot spare support
RAID migration: Hot swapping; Hot spare (in four disk mode); Disk roaming; Array roaming”

For example, right now I have 3 drives plugged-in. However, RAID 1 with failover is not even a supported option within the interface. In fact, it won’t even let me create any RAID 1, if only 3 drive is seated.

The reason I will only consider RAID 1 is because if the NAS/RAID controller fails (instead of drive failing), I can easily access the data on the drive directly via EXT4.

Hi @wds,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance: