My CLoud EX4 running ALL the time

I have bought 2 16 TB WD MyCloud EX 4 and started to use one of those as a back up for my Macs.

At the moment I don´t use Time Machine or any other back up software, only copied some data manually to the MyCloud4 .

Here is my problem.

The device is working ALL the time.

First I thought it only needs time to copy all the datas, but after more than 14 days it is still running. That means, the 4 blue leds are flashing and from the harddisc you can hear that typical writing noise.

It stopped once after some days so I thought that finally the big data transfer is over, but as I started to copy some other not soo big data it never stopped since then.

When I shut down the MyCloud4 it starts to work again after switching on.

I would appreciate any help to stop the hard disc from working all the time as this for sure will shorten the lifetime of the device and it will make it useless for the purposes, I have it bought for. 

As long as the first WD is not working properly, I resist to use the second one.
If have spent 2400 USD + in a solution that seems not to work properly.

Bad start for 2015.

Have you activated the “Drive Sleep” inside the WbUI at "Settings -> “General” ?


Checked it again. Still activated.

Any other toughts ?

The only way to be sure what is happening is to SSH to the device and see what is consuming the unit.  If you can’t do that, then turn off the following functionality progressively to see what works:

  1. Media Server (DNLA)

  2. Cloud Access

  3. Time Machine