My Cloud EX4 (no front panel LED at all, but display working)

Hello guys, can someone help me with EX4
Have issues with it
Have raid5 with 4x wd red 8 tb each
Turn on, have network indication
Dont have any indication on fron panel instead of (Welcome to My Cloud EX4)
no hdd indication with 4 new WD Red hdd inserted
power button now working also
Tried reset with 4 sec and 40 sec with power plug. No luck.
Any idea how i can to save information from it or make EX4 alive again?

Did you have the front LEDs turned off in your settings?

When you look at your router, does your device show up or is it accessible from an assigned IP?

not sure, but cant even check now, cause no access to nas through lan
and as i said there no ip on my router assigned to nas
also there no power led and hdd led on front panel after connecting power cord
only Welcome to My Cloud EX4