My Cloud Ex4 Fan Cooler

Download My Cloud Ex2 Fan Cooler design 3D print

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The single drive units indeed do not have a fan; but the EX2 (and EX2 Ultra), which has 2 drive bays, do have an internal fan. It’s either a fan spinning up when the drives hit 60C, or I’ve finally discovered where my toy army men have been hiding the Apaches they used to wipe out Teddy Bear village with.

wow! This is awesome @chusca! Kind of weird that you posted it under EX4 instead of EX2 but hey, the idea is great.

Curious, did you find a difference between pushing vs. pulling with the fan on the bottom? How has dust build up been based on this as well? If you lift up the cooler by the ends so that there is no restriction to the air flow, how much does this change the impact on drive temperatures?