My Cloud EX2

Hello Community

I’m hoping that somebody can give me a simple answer to get my WD My Cloud EX2 working properly.

I purchased this in 2016 and simply wanted a back up device that would work in the background and back-up my PC without me having to do anything.

Periodically, the WD Sync would stop working and it stopped working months ago and now also shows that the IP address isn’t secure.

I’ve sat down today to try and resolve the problem and it appears that the WD Sync is no longer supported and I’ve spend the past couple of hours reading various links, which directs me to further links and I’m now totally confused.

All I want is for this storage device to back up my PC. It isn’t attached to any other devices and I’m not interested in accessing my PC remotely.

Can anybody please explain what I should do and give layman steps as to how I acheive this.

I look forward to somebody being able to offer simple step by step instructions.

Best Regards


WD has partnered with GoodSync to provide backup and synchronization to access the data stored on your WD NAS device.