My cloud ex2 utra dosn’t load dashboard?

My ex2 ultra cloud does not load the dashboard?

After having problems to load the dashboard, restart the product to factory, but the problems continue.

I have tried everything, access with the firewall down, by ip of my cloud, if it is possible to login but never load the dasboard.

The dashboard still does not load. I would like to know if there is another way to access the conigurations? If the dashboard can be accessed by removing the disks?

Help me please.

Hi Dekatec,

Did you try to access dashboard of My Cloud on another web browsers?

Hi Brandon,

I have the same problem.
I can access the dashboard using IP or name (DNS).
However, I can only see the top menu. I cannot see the space usage information (for example), nor can I click on the options in the top menu.
The page does not respond. I need to keep updating several times.
I’ve tried several devices and at least 4 different browsers.