My Cloud Ex2 Ultra + Pioneer Vsx 924


I recently buy a Pioneer VSX-924-k, and the AVR, cannot find my WD MyCloud Ex 2 Ultra,
Canyou help me, please?


How did you connect the avr , Wired or wireless. Is the same router the NAS connected.

Hello, thank you for the reply.

It is connected by LAN Cable in the same network.
The Pioneer Media Server find my laptop (Windows 10), Workgroup and a share application of my modem but my Ex2 Ultra not appear.

Obs: I have a Popcorn Hour in the same network and can find my Ex2 Ultra, by LAN Cable.

Usually the pioneer should see. If not some limitation of protocols by pioneer. Try checking the same if any broadcasting limitations

Alternatively see if the av can browse network with IP. If it cant find by scanning. Usually it should see media server easily as its UPNP. Sometime the router may not properly broacast or running out of UPNP allowed connections.

Which router are you using. try disconnecting other devices and only see av and nas.


I finally solved the problem. I had to turn on the DLNA MEDIA SERVER function and it was working fine.

Thank you all for your help.