MY CLOUD EX2 Ultra is not detected behind unmanaged switch

Hi,I’ve connected my new “MYCLOUDEX2” Ultra behind a Netgear FS105 switch (unmanaged), which transmits only with max 100 MBit, but that should be enough for backups. Unfortunately, the NAS is not recognized, otherwise everything (MacBook Pro; ThinkPad Win10) works well behind the switch, from the wireless repeater (connected via LAN) to surfing or accessing other network resources.
What do I have to consider? Thanks for a tip

Hello HansGerstenkorn,

It is recommended to connect My Cloud EX2 Ultra directly with the Gigabit Router for better network configuration. You should have a look on below article to know more about the network configuration recommendations that offer the best performance for data transfer, network backups, remote access and media streaming with a My Cloud.