My Cloud EX2 Ultra - Hard Drive Temperatures

I’ve been using the My Cloud EX2 Ultra fitted with 2 x IronWolf Pro 8Tb NAS Drives for a couple of weeks now without too many issues - it does what I want it to do very well.

I have however noticed the HDD Temps a little on the high side for my liking (up to 52 degrees Celsius). As others have done I’ve simply bought a small USB fan and rested it on the top of the unit to pull out the hot air - it was a small investment and has reduced the temps by 15 or so degrees right down to the mid 30s which I’m happy with.

I’m just wondering why the heck can’t WD build something like this into the unit - I’m not too bothered about the aesthetics, if I were I’d be a little pissed, but people really should not need to do these little mods.