My Cloud ex2 Ultra does not support survillance cameras

Alas I recently purchased wd My Cloud ex2 Ultra thinking that it supports Milestone Arcus survillance software. This is what I read on many web pages. However, the fact is that My Cloud ex2 Ultra with its OS5 does not have this App. So if one wishes to connect a surveillance camera to wd my cloud ex2 ultra it will be an expansive disappointment. What I have gathered from the WD support personnel is that WD My Cloud ex2 Ultra is meant only for Windows and Mac backup and they do not recommend it to act as a storage device for cameras etc., Now in this age who backs up Windows and Mac on NAS. After purchasing WD My Cloud ex2 Ultra 8 GB on 11 September 2022 I have painfully realized that it is an obsolete equipment. It might have been relevant in 2014 to 2016 but today it obsolete. Being a big corporation now it is going the Nokia way. Instead of providing more software and app support there is reduction in the same. So better opt for Synology or any other NAS. If WD disagrees with me let them show me where is Milestone Arcus in their App store.

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I can see what you mean, there are very old references to Milestone Arcus from 2016. The references to the software across the market seem to be limited to 2016. Did Milestone Arcus switch their product lineup or software offering in the year that follows? It doesn’t appear that any current product on the market offers a solution for Milestone Arcus Surveillance.

It could have been that the amount of work on WD’s part to maintain the software for running on a NAS was too much. It doesn’t appear as though Milestone Arcus offers their own solution for ARM CPUs. It would also be fair to point out that this app isn’t even on the list maintained by WD…

Consider reaching out to Milestone Arcus to find out if they have an app for Docker that runs on ARM or if they even support the software behind it anymore? If you do learn anything, please consider posting it here for others.