My cloud ex2 ultra cpu 99%

I have wd my cloud ex 2 ultra it usages cloud cpu 99% most of the time. it is connected to internet & local network but cloud access is disabled also then it shows 99%. please any suggestion for me.

same here… no solution so far… I just wished there was an active MyCloud community out there, or at least some WD technicians…

@ASHOK_SINGH @Joe_Dreck Thanks for reporting the issue, Have you opened any Support case yet? If not please click here

Also, Please attach the System Logs to the case using this KBA.

Please share the case number with me in PM.

Same problem with my new NAS, 5 days of operation only.
What is the resolution of this topic?

It is very easy to find possible solutions if you search and post in the correct subforum, for example if you have the My Cloud series (not My Cloud Home as is this subforum). The My Cloud subforum is the one with the blue heading.

For example, this thread suggests disabling ffmpeg or wait until indexing is completed: