My Cloud EX2 Ultra Blue LED Failing

The My Cloud EX2 Ultra that I got has its Disk 1 blue LED failing in which is just 2.5 years old now. Its too dim now and is barely visible in day light. This is not the first instance of failing blue LED. I have an old My Cloud that too had same issue where the blue LED failed after a couple of years of usage. I also found an old thread in the forum about this issue so it seems to be quite common for WD’s products to have LEDs that fail.

WD’s is the only product where I see LEDs fail. I have routers and gigabit switch with a lot of LEDs that are running non stop 24x7 since 2016 and have no such issues. I have several other devices like cable modems, raspberry pi, etc. that I keep running 24x7 since last 3+ years and not a single LED has failed on any of the products. So, it seems that WD has some issue with how the LEDs are being driven which is causing them to fail early.

I hope WD takes a note of this and avoid such issues.

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Dream on!

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I saw this issue on my book live (stopped to work after ~3 years) and on my cloud -00 (stopped to work after ~2-3 years). On my new ex2 I simply turned it off in dashboard.


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