My Cloud EX2 Ultra and LG smart Tv

Hi i just upgrade to a My cloud ex2 Ultra, how do i get it to Talk to
a LG smart Tv like my previous Wd My Cloud EX2 device did?

Hi @oneineight,

In order to setup the My Cloud Ex2 Ultra to access from your SMART TV You may need to enable NTLMv1 and SMBv1 first and then install a DLNA Media server app (such as Twonky) on the My Cloud Ex2 Ultra.

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Oops it still not talking to my LG tv, but my My Cloud EX2 is working fine?

I agree I could see the drive on the TV but had to enable
SMBv1 on windows sorry bit late bite I run 2 extra and 1 wdexe and the all work the tricky one is twonky I wrote down everything I did at the install