My Cloud EX2 Ultra and AD issues

Hi WD Community,

We have a brand new My Cloud EX2 Ultra - 16TB. We finished configuring this last night. The last change was to join this to our AD domain. After successfully joining, we are now experiencing slowness in the ‘Users’ webpage and slowness in the ‘Shares’ webpage of the web control console. This will try to load until it hangs. We have tried on multiple browsers, different browsers, different computers and different servers to no avail. We have rebooted the My Cloud EX2 Ultra - 16TB NAS device multiple times as well.

Kindly please help.



This is not normal, I recommend you to reset your My Cloud:

Hi G_Rayn,

We have reset this device multiple times - using the 40seconds factory reset button method. Then we just reconfigure to join AD and the issue will come back again.

DNS. Ensure you’re pointing to a valid DNS server.

Hi Brian_Rankin,

We do have DC/DNS services onsite and we have configured the NAS device to point to this.