My Cloud EX2: Not secure warning: how to install SSL certificate

My Cloud EX2 has reached end of life, so I’m hoping the community has an answer for me. I’d like to install an SSL certificate to ensure secure access via my PC browser (from inside my home network). I do not access from the internet externally or use any WD hosted cloud service.

Observed: “Not Secure” warning in Chrome browser from my PC when accessing the web portal. Zero information in the product documentation and setup guide on how to configure the cert.

Expected: Secure SSL connection over https to My Cloud EX2 and some instructions in the product documentation to clarify whether certs come installed on the device or can be renewed via WD…or how to install my own obtained cert if desired.


[Edit: I have found an article via another post that notes SSL connections are not supported via Windows 10. Here is the post: Why is there no option to generate an SSL certificate in the dashboard? and by clicking the link provided by Jonty.S one can see the note inside the WebDAV related article. So now I will test with other OS clients].

Mac using Safari and Chrome also detect a problem with the certificate. Using the Mac I’m able to view the details of the cert but cannot find discrepancy that causes the error “common name invalid” - the common name in the cert I"m viewing looks correct.

Anyway, what is noteworthy is that WD did provide a cert for the device during manufacturing or potentially during a firmware or software update using the domain name but I can’t find any reference to that name on the WD support site except 2 hits that reference wd2go as end of life software, but nothing about certificates.

My search to find a way to resolve the error and successfully use the SSL connection to my device continues…