My Cloud EX2 - long time to restore volume - Code 2210

Hi there,

The message below (in Portuguese) was issued by My Cloud EX2, indicating that the volume restore is taking a very long time (over 50K minutes!), which was classified as a critical error code 2210.

If the community can help me understand please:

  • What could be causing this error? How to prevent?

  • What actions should I take to resolve it?

Os eventos a seguir foram gerados no WDMyCloudEX2 .

Título do evento:Restauração do volume

Descrição do evento:Tempo de restauração do volume 1 em andamento: 52914 minutos


Código do evento:2210

Horário do evento:03-15-2017 05:38:28 PM

Versão do firmware: 2.11.157

Thank you.

Thank you. Sure, the word ‘critical’ causes a negative impression.
The system is back to normal now. Anyway, it is a 4Tb Raid (8Tb in total).
Thanks for your answer.

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