My Cloud EX2 keeps rebooting every 20sec

HELP please
sent my MYCLOUD EX2 back as it did not work, the replacment is stuck on a permanent rebooting loop every 20s or so, have tried the 5sec and 40sec reset without sucsess.
I personely think its real perpose is a door stop

You need to contact WD Support if the RMA device is faulty.

This is a user forum, not WD Support.

My first thought would be a faulty PSU, causing repeated brown-out resets as it tries to bring the system up.

I give up I think its a piece of junk.
its been back to them and returned with the same issues
many thanks :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile:

friend lent me his :slight_smile:

If WD couldn’t diagnose a faulty PSU as likely suspect from the symptoms you reported, then something is very wrong with the technical knowledge of their Support & RMA team.

But then I suppose I am an electronic engineer with 33 years professional design & development experience…