My Cloud EX2 - Firmware update 1.05.30 - USB drive stopped working


I have just updated My Cloud EX2 firmware  Release 1.05.30 via the GUI (not manual file selection).

Internal drives are working ok, but external USB drive (NTFS) failed and hung the EX2 device.

This is a summary of what occurred:

1). Two USB drives connected to EX2 (WD My Book Studio, 2TB, NTFS) and (WD ELEMENTS, FAT32, 500GB) before the upgrade.

  1. After the upgrade, firmware successfully updated, reboot took a long time to start up so i disconnected the USB drives and reboot was successfully.

3). After system rebooted, EX2 internal drives work as expected.

  1. I reconnected the USB drives, and only FAT32 is showing.

  2. NTFS drive throwing error message - FILE SYSTEM UNSUPPORTED, hanging the EX2 device until i disconnect it.

  3. I restored the device to previous release - My_Cloud_KC2A_1.05.21.bin, but had the same issue.

  4. I restored the devive to earlier release - My_Cloud_KC2A_1.04.05.bin - it’s working ok both USB drives are detected and accessible.

I want to be able to use the latest Firmware and NFTS drives. Has anyone had the same issue or know how to solve it.

I re-tried the update several times and had to rolled back to this old version My_Cloud_KC2A_1.04.05.bin.

Your advices are much appreciated.

If you go back to the WD Community and look you will see that the forum for discussing WD My Cloud EX2 is found below Personal Cloud Storage under My Cloud EX2/EX4 & WD Sentinel X/S Series.

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cat0w (USA)

I have finally figured out the rootcause.

There are two partitions on the USB drive, a small partition has 127MB formatted with MAC  OSX system file. 

New Firmware upgrade picked up this partitions and was not happy to boot up the device until it was removed.

So i delete the small partition and it is working perfectly with the new Firmware.