My Cloud EX2, Ext4 File Format, and Accessing Files From Windows Machine

Hi, I have the My Cloud EX2 using RAID 1 [mirror].   I understand it partitions the drives using the Ext4 linux file format.  Am I correct, and if so, if the enclosure goes bad, could I access the files on the  hard drives from a Windows machine using a program like DiskInternals Linux Reader?  TIA.

You placed this in the WD My Cloud forum!!!

It does use EXT4 as the file system format. Not sure about this program you are talking about.

First, sorry about the post to the wrong forum.  Second, what I’m trying to figure out is if the My Cloud box goes bad can I remove the hard drive, hook it up to a Windows machine and use another program to recover the files stored on the Ext4 partition? 

Without the box IF the hard drives are put in RAID configuration, they will be useless because the box runs the RAID controller. Unless you keep one drive (in which case it’ll always be in JBOD config) or both drives in JBOD, you can’t take them out and try to read using a third party software.