My Cloud EX2 - End of Life/End of Updates

So my EX2 (not an Ultra) has apparently reached its end of life per WD’s definition and therefore have stopped supporting the device including the update of Firmware. At least that is what I interpret from this linked site.

Is it safe to keep using this device? The latest firmware is from January of '19 but WD updated the firmware of many other My Cloud devices including the EX2 Ultra later in the year to fix security vulnerabilities. It’s unclear to me whether the EX2 had similar vulnerabilities that WD chose not to fix or if those same/similar vulnerabilities did not exist on this device.

If it’s not safe to keep using it what else can I do with it? I kind of want to learn more about apps that can be side loaded (?) or to otherwise use it to learn anything else I can. As an inquisitive but relative newbie, what interesting things could I play around with to get my feet wet in such an environment? I’m terrible with the Command Line but know enough to be dangerous and I know of and have interest in SSH. So that’s a reference point for my ‘newness’. :blush:

Thanks for your insight and recommendations in advance.

If I am not mistaken, the PR2100 and PR4100 are fundamentally running the same software as the EX2’s and MyClouds?

I would submit from a “cyber security” perspective that all of the WD products are somewhat suspect; and should be shielded from the internet. By shielded; I mean actively blocking ports at the router; not just turning off internet access from the device itself (From my playing with the EX2 ultra - - - - -I don’t think it’s as easy to block WAN access as one would think. . . .These units are DESIGNED to communicate to the WD servers so you can use WD apps)

Having said that; as a cheap NAS for home use, these units server very well. They have their quirks (being LINUX devices essentially trying to communicate with newer operating systems) but for basic file serving. . .works well.