My Cloud EX2 disk replacement. Mixing WD20ERFX with WD20EFAX is possible?

As the title says, disk 2 on my My Cloud Ex2 failed and i have to replace it.

My Cloud Ex2 was equipped with 2 x WD20EFRX - 68EUZN0 (2TB disk, 64mb cache) configured in Raid 1; after searching online i have found that there is a new disk WD20EFAX with 2TB and 256mb cache.

Can i replace my broken WD20EFRX with WD20EFAX?

Double and triple check that the new drive does not use SMR (shingled magnetic recording) technology. . . the 256mb raises suspicion in my mind (the large cache helps mask the abysmal performance of this cost cutting / underperforming ) technology.

HMMM. . . check this article. In this size range. . . .Red NAS disks are SMR. Red Pro NAS are conventional. Spend the extra coin to get conventional.

Thank you NAS_user for your reply.

After i have read your answer i checked the specification of WD20EFAX and it is using SRM technology.

The specification can be found here

I didn’t know that using them in Raid 1 could bring to performance issues.

Looks like the better replacement at the moment is WD2002FFSX that is using CRM technology.

Do you think that there is a chance of having issues mixing 1 WD2002FFSX with the remaining WD20ERFX ?

I honestly don’t know.

I do see the 2TB Red CMR (WD20EFRX) still available on the Amazon website; although you will have to wait a bit longer for this drive.

The primary difference between the two 2TB CRM drives is the rotation speed (7200 vs 5400). Not sure if that will be an issue. Tend to doubt it; although performance will likely (Don’t really know) be limited to 5400 rpm performance if you have a Raid 1 configuration

I have read NOTHING good about the SRM drives. . . .except maybe a few pennies of cost.
Depends how cost sensitive you are. . . .

. . . . Definitely SHUN the SRM.

. . . the CRM 5400 drive (direct replacement) is a viable low cost option ($90 usd)

. . . .the CRM 7200 drive (upgrade replacement) is a choice ($115). Makes a lot of sense if you think the OTHER drive may fail (it has same run hours as the old dead drive?) . . which replace with a second 7200 CRM and have a full upgrade.

. . . If your system is JBOD; then I would say “heck with it” and go with a 7200rmp 4TB CRM drive. ($150). I suspect from your question that you have a Raid1 setup (Mirroring)?

. . .or if money is NO OBJECT; I would say “heck with it” and buy 2 x 7200rpm 4TB CRM drives ($300). Then you have a REAL upgrade.

Yes i have a Raid 1 setup.

After reading around it seems that there are no issues mixing 5400 rpm with a 7200 rpm disks togheter in a Raid 1 setup, besides the performance cap caused by the 5400 rpm

I will replace the broken drive with the WD2002FFSX and leave the currently working WD20ERFX (until it will eventually fail).

I’ll report back when i will have the drive.

Thank you.

After few days the WD2002FFSX disk is here.

I have replaced the broken WD20ERFX with the WD2002FFSX and let WD MyCloud EX2 rebuild my Raid 1.

It works.

In case anyone would be in the same situation in future where you have to mix one 5400 rpm CRM disk with a 7200rpm CRM disk in a Raid 1 configuration: yes you can!