My Cloud EX: Sort music in "by folder" view according to track numbers

So far, My Cloud EX sorts music according to the number of the respective tracks in the “artist index” view (or however it’s called in the English menu) ONLY. That doesn’t make sense (e.g. when trying to stream the contents of Compilation CDs).

Instead, millions of users would certainly prefer a sort order according to the track numbers in the “by folder” view. However, the “by folder” view of the EX sorts the single tracks by their names, i.e. alphabetically. That doesn’t make sense (e.g. when listening to the contents of Classic Music CDs).

The sort order according to track numbers in the “by folder” view could easily be realized by adding something like

sortcriteria=’+upnp:originalTrackNumber’ createClass=‘object.item.audioItem.musicTrack’

to the “by folder” container of the “view-definitions.xml”.

However, the EX (almost) does not allow for a modification of the “view-definitions.xml”, because this file is obviously stored on a “read only” RAM disc, see here:

This is a MAJOR drawback as compared to other manufacturers. Because of this, WD should enable the sort order according to track numbers in the “by folder” view by means of the next firmware update. It’s quite simple and does not cause noteworthy costs, but would make millions of (potential) customers happy.

If you think I’m kidding, do a Google search for “NAS track order” (= more than 15 million hits).

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