My Cloud dupli/triple/multicate photos

After the latest mobile app update (or fw update) My Cloud is duplicating photos again. That was a problem with several app versions and for sometime it was working right, but now it is back again.

if My Cloud app looses your account info for example and you need to login again, the automatic backuping dublicates/triplecates/multicates all photos. it doesnt understand that the photo is already there on the nas drive.

Please fix this, i dont want to always remove those several copies of same photos manually. the app should compare files and see if the name and the info of the file is same, then the file isnt backuped.

Now i have some files on my nas like:


but only comparing names doesnt work because if i remove photos from my phone, the name of new photos will have same names as they were with old photos.

for example:

i just opened My Cloud app on my phone and bang! 523 photos (and videos) were backuped althought i have taken only few today… so lots of dublicates again to remove MANUALLY. (no lost account info or so either on this time)

the latest ios app
the latest fw on DL2100

Are the duplicate files displayed within your WD My Cloud DL2100 over your network (As opposed to the app)?

Files are physical copies and created everytime when app is updated/lost connection/account. As you can see it has happened quite a few times lately and havent had much time to remove copies and compare files together.

Files need to be removed manually from the nas.

Got this windows again

Why is it loosing the account details almost on everyday? Right know im only using it locally.

Again! Lost account info.

This is ridiculous!