My cloud down yet again?!

This afternoon the access is either non existent or slow to respond on my iphone Seems my cloud remote access is having issues again!

WD staff, kindly comment and acknowledge issue. I am based on London - seeing as everything else ‘remote’ works and my cloud is not working this is clearly a WD issue. Port forwarding is established so your servers are presumed to be playing up again!

Well it’s working again now - nice of WD to comment and acknowledge tho. This service is too unreliable

Hello, sorry to hear you experienced problems with remote access, if you continue to have any problems I recommend you to contact support directly for assistance, they should be able to help you narrow down the cause of the problem.


mu  WDCloud  ( latest firmware on default all settings)  every few days is not accesible from   web browser and as  “network drive” …  but i can PING them  :-)

only one solution … switch OFF and ON  …  after this work and i not see in log any error from past !!!

Searching on forum - i see problem is  “very popular” …  and    find  in some   place  “GO TO SOLUTION”

hmmm   solution is   just something like    " PLEASE WAIT  WE SOLVE this …" …

… now for testing I disable  “SLEEP”  option  and will observe…

…  waiting for new better firmware …  

Best Regards for all users of  WD Cloud …