My cloud down since 11th march!

Can WD please have the courtesy to inform customers when the remote MY CLOUD server will be fixed !
An email to inform users that your server was down would have been the minimum I would expect.
You have our email addresses.
I have just wasted 2 hours driving to the office location of our EX2 ULTRA server as settings can only be amended when on the same wifi network only to find out it is YOU that has the problem.
very angry customer!!!

Remote access has been down for over a week now. Several ongoing discussions on this issue:

Because you are using an EX2 Ultra you may have additional remote access options that we single bay users do not have (SFTP, WebDAV, etc.). See the My Cloud EX2 Ultra user manual for more information about these access options and how to enable them.

Also note there is a dedicated subforum for the EX2 series of devices since they have different features/options than the single bay/single drive My Cloud units which are the general subject of this subforum (My Cloud).

It was working correctly until the 11th March and no settings have been changed.
It is WD server end issue which they confirmed by telephone to me on the 12th March.
windows 10 laptop and android both not working now.
So much for working from home in the current climate now that`s not possible.

I agrre completaly, I have spent days , hours and hours thinking I had done something to my settings or firewall somehow , only to find out the problem wasnt even on my end.I have moved all my data and reset in the end to try and get my cloud mirror to connect remotely.We have all our business documents and manuals available to our engineers who can access them remotely.
I would of appreciated a heads up of WD at the very least.So frustrating wasting so much time on a problem that was not even on our end.
5 days I wont get back and wasted WOW !!!

when will this be fixed?

Still waiting WD… WTF

WD has not learned its lessons from 2014 when the same thing happened and it took over a week to resolve with no updates to its customers. Amazed they are still in business !

It good to hear that it’s not just me. I can access from my iPad and android, I can see the storage device from my PC and change settings in the UI; however I can’t login online from the PC to move files around. So what’s going on? I need to be able to get info on and OFF my cloud. WTF…