My cloud dou no va

Hola a todos, tengo exactamente la misma situación. A partir de hoy me dado cuenta, , My Cloud Duo ya no es accesible desde ningún dispositivo. Lo use el viernes por la mañana y ya no ve va ni tengoacceso desde ningun sito.
Por favor una solucion, ademas no estoy cercar del aparto, estoy de viaje y tengo algunadocumentaicon que solo esta ahi.

What specific device do you have? (One can see what various devices look like at this link: WD doesn’t make a device called “My Cloud Duo”. Do you have a My Cloud Mirror or some other multi bay My Cloud model? Or do you have a “My Cloud Home Duo”? If you have a My Cloud Home Duo, that is a different device than the My Cloud line and does not support OS5 (this subforum). There is a separate subforum ( for the My Cloud Home Duo where users of that device may be able to assist.

Generally for the My Cloud line one will need to have access to the device and it’s My Cloud Dashboard to troubleshoot why one cannot gain access, either local or remote, to the unit. At the very least a reboot/restart of the unit can sometimes fix issues. In other cases disabling then reenabling Remote Access/Cloud Access can fix issues with remote access. But again those actions typically require some sort of access to the device so one can access the My Cloud Dashboard (assuming one is using a My Cloud line of devices).