My Cloud doesn't work

Hi guys, I’ve just bought the My Cloud (2TB) and followed the proces to install everything on my Apple Mac Pro. Now I’v already several problems:

  1. When I go to my it always tells me to do an update. When I click the update button it immediately tells me there’s an error.
  2. When I install the WDMycloud_mac.dmg it always tells me the certificate is not correct. I followed the guidelines (it probably has something to do with the security system of Apple I guess?) but this doen’t work.
  3. The Firmware is up to date but it always ask me to do an update
  4. I can go to MyCloud Dashboard and WD My Cloud to start transfer files but it won’t transfer video’s at all and some files (documents + music) it doesn’t complete.

Is this product good to use with Apple because I’ve the impression that it’s made for Windows.

So a lot of troubles for a new product. Hope somebody can help me out!


What firmware version is installed on the My Cloud?

It will be listed on the Dashboard which is accessible through one’s web browser.

Hi Bennor, Firmware v04.01.04-422

The latest firmware for the My Cloud v4x versions is 04.04.02-105.

You can manually download the 04.04.02-105 firmware from the WD Product Firmware page. Once downloaded one can manually update their v4.x My Cloud via the Dashboard > Settings > Firmware > Manual Update.

The firmware is now up to date but I still can’t login to Any advice for that?



Do you have Remote Access enabled on the My Cloud (via the My Cloud Dashboard)?

A few days ago I had the same ‘device offline’ message from the remote access path and I was also not able to connect from the Android-app via mobile connection. On my home-network, everything was working fine, including dashboard access via the ‘http://wdmycloud’ address.

Additional to your post: when I was in trouble, on the certificate install tab in my browser, I had a ‘DNS-error on’ when I clicked on the button what did me also think the problem was on my site. That was the reason why I started to check the logs on the MC.

Searching into the logs what could be the reason I found that the server would access my device at IP That address was not (no longer) in use at my network, probably since a restart of my ISP router. I had my ISP-router config setted as DHCP with dynamic IP addressing. On the MC I also had the DHCP option to on (was the default option since the beginning, never changed that because everything was working fine).

In my ISP router, I reassigned the xx.5 ip back tot the MC-device and has set it to ‘static’. And guess what … everything is working properly: access via the site, access via mobile and on my homenetwork everything also still works (access to the DB via the ‘http://wdmycloud’ address; all windows share mappings has remained intact). The MC network option is still on DHCP.

Anyway, for one reason or another, the server didn’t noticed the IP change on my ISP router.

Maybe this story could help.

EDIT: my (Dutch) spelling & grammar checker has messed up my reply. Corrected now.

Hi There,
Did you ever get this sorted??? It is exactly the same problem i am having with my new device.
Many thanks,