My cloud doesn't work with oppo bdp-103 and wav files

I’m using the 4tb my cloud firmware
2.21.126 for my music storage and play back as a dlna server.
I uploaded all .wav files and a bunch of .flac also.
The wav files were shown as .lpcm and play at maybe 1/2 speed.
The flac files show up as such and play fine.
I can’t find any info that sounds like my problem.

What program or device are you using to play back the WAV files? Have you tried reencoding the WAV file using a different encoder? Could be the encoder used a codec to encode the WAV file thatis not supported by your program. device, or is being misread by the Twonky/iTunes media server on the My Cloud.

Is this only happening when you try to play them on your Oppo BDP-103?

Look at this and see if it will help, unless you already have.

I am using the oppo bdp-103 media player.

I’ve used my pc for this and I’ve used my western digital my book for
this and have no problems playing any type of file.

When I use the mycloud the files become lpcm file and play at half speed.

For some reason they are being transcoded and don’t play like they should.

It’s odd that they even show as lpcm files.

There are no settings to turn off transcoding, all it has to do is make
the file available.

To re encode 7,000 files or so would not be feasible.

I’ve read that some users load 3rd party software that bypass some
issues but I’m not sure if these would help me.

I would like to get this to work from this device as I have an old pc I
can use as a nas but it is power hungry, and does not have the same
storage capacity.,

P.S. The wav files are straight rips to file, no changes.

Ripped with what program/software?

While re-encoding 7,000 files may not be feasible you could re-encode a couple of files as a test.

When playing the files on the PC are you using a DLNA client to play the media files or opening the files using Windows File Explorer?

I use EAC ripping which is bit for bit and uses no compression or transcoding.
I have a WD Mybook that I can acess through my oppo media player and have no problems playing the files as they show
as wav.
I also have flac files that play just fine with the Mycloud Oppo combo.

It’s your Oppo, then, I suspect.

I rip with EAC, and access Twonky with a number of playback devices (but not an Oppo). I have never had the problem you describe.

You might use a utility such as MediaInfo to check the encoding of the WAV files; they should be 44.1ksps, 16-bit stereo, linear PCM.

WAV is a poor format to use for digital media, anyway, as it is very poor at handling metadata. I’d recode to FLAC, using a media library tool, such as MediaMonkey. It will do it automatically, once set running. EAC can do it, too.

Yes only on the Oppo. They play fine when accessed through my pc using Mycloud.
I have the oshare program on pc which makes it a media server for the Oppo and it works fine.
The Oppo page for dlna has minimal info and I’ve already discussed this with them and they feel the built in transcoder in the Mycloud should be disabled in order to work correctly.

Did you ask them what built in transcoder in the My Cloud? AFAIK the Twonky media server (as used by the single bay My Cloud) doesn’t transcode anything rather it sends the media file to the DLNA media player. What could be happening is due to the WAV encoding format the Twonky media server isn’t properly reading/parsing the WAV file.

Thank you to all the help the community has sent, I have just tried to play the files using my tv and the Oppo remote and all play well.
Why this only happens when I acess the Oppo through the Oppo media control on my android is very odd.
So I think as long as I Don’t use the media control option I will be fine.
I’m still going to try some other sugestions also, since Oppo mentions the Twonky could be the issue.
Thanks again.

I doubt very much that it’s Twonky. Twonky is a long-established tool, and works well with a huge range of DLNA clients. The fact that it’s only a problem when you use the Android Oppo media control points pretty firmly to a problem with either the Oppo, or the Oppo app, or a combination of the two.

Convert one album of WAVs to FLAC using EAC, and see if the problem persists.