My Cloud Doesn't Appear On Network Explorer Of 1 W7 PC

Besides my travails with the latest firmware update, there is a problem that I am unable to solve. When I display the network, the My Cloud does not appear. On other W7 PCs, it appears just fine, but not on the one I always use. It did before, then just stopped. It can’t be mapped, or anything. It just doesn’t appear. I am copying large files (DVDs) to the NAS, so I’d like to get this resolved.

Get the IP of your MY Cloud from your router and then in your explorer try typing \XXX.XXX.X.XX and see if it works.

I’m going to try your suggestion this morning, and see what happens. I know it appears on 3 other W7 PCs (2 laptops, and 1 desktop). I also have an iPad tablet. When I use the app Fing, I can see it, too.

When I enter the IP address of my NAS into Explorer, all it does is boot my browser, but it still never shows in Explorer.

Have you tried shutting down the computer that it is not showing on and rebooting it?


Second suggestion, unplug the power to your router at the router, wait one minute then plug it back in, give everything time to reset and then check it.


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cat0w (USA)


Unfortunately, I’ve done both of those things, and they had no effect.  Since I am having the issue only on one PC, I’d guess that thhe problem is with that PC, not the router or the My Cloud (with the exception that the PC would be excluded from either of them).  Thanks for your suggestion, though.

Do they still have the same workgroup name?


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cat0w (USA)

Yes.  They both have workgroup name of “workgroup”.  Pretty imaginative, don’t you think?