My Cloud doesn't appear as a PC under Network anymore?

Hi, it seems with the instllation of windows 10 and its updates; the my cloud no longer appears in the Computers section of Network. I also note that the icon for the device is not shown properly under the storage section (white icon).

I did give the my cloud a local static IP address. Could this be the problem ? Any ideas, thanks.

My suggestion, shut your router down for one minute then turn it back on, make sure every thing you want to appear is turned on, give it time to locate all your devices, then check and see what is showing.


Hi, unfortunately that didn’t work…

Did you check to see if Windows update KB3124263 was applied in the past few days? That update fixed that exact problem - and a couple of others.

Check this thread:


Unbelievably it’s working again…The update says “require restart” however maybe part of the update installed which is why it is working again !?

Unfortunately my WD icon is still blank but that’s not a huge issue I guess…

What it looks like:

What it used to look like (months ago):

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Hi, it seems with the instllation of windows 10 and its updates; the my cloud no longer appears in the Computers section of Network.[/quote]
Please see the tacked thread at the top of the subforum for a variety of ways people with Windows 10 have fixed their My Cloud issues…

Thanks for the info, unfortunately it seems that topic doesn’t mention the missing icon issue…

Hi R_P_H

seems that some device information is broken, happened to some of my testing units in the same way.

Cycle to c:\windows\system32\DriverStore\FileRepository and then scroll down to letter P; you should find a folder with the name “pnpxnas-mycloud.inf_amd64_neutral_ …”. Open this folder and doubleclick the .INF file to reinstall it. You may need a reboot.

Or, other way, open the device manager. Normally, all kind of our My Cloud devices appear at the end as “Western Digital NAS” in its own category, and all My Clouds appear with their name. In your case I think the My Cloud will be listed as “Digital Media device” somewhere at the top of the device list and not as My Cloud but something else, twice. Click on the corresponding Digital Media device, click “update driver”, then choose local on your PC and then point to down the directory tree shown above. You should do it twice for each single device. Then the icon will reappear.

I have 2 different folders…Not sure which is right and I don’t want to break anything over an icon…

Device manager:

The b54e92 … is the same that I have here on my computer, I would use this one.

But: Your device is yet listed as Western Digital NAS. So simply “update driver”, then choose “update from local PC” and then you see that you have generic driver(s) and the correct Western Digital driver shown as available drivers. Choose the Western Digital driver.

I think that some update has replaced the correct “Western Digital My Cloud” with a generic driver.

It does show that WD drivers are installed and the device icon is shown correctly under devices and printers. The icon is even shown when the drive is selected under network at the top but not on the device itself…