My cloud doesn’t recognize wd elements se

I bought a wd elements se portable 1 tb to backup photos from my WD My Cloud. Hard disk will be shown in windows 10 and could be used. Now i put it on the usb port of my My Cloud and the led shows red on My Cloud. Hard disk will not shown. Other hard disk are no problem. Whats wrong and how could i use wd elements se to backup? Thanx. Arian

One thing to check. Ensure the USB drive is formatted in a My Cloud supported format like NTFS.

External USB drive file systems supported on My Cloud Products

Bennor, The drive is formatted ntfs in Windows and shown in explorer. Shown in Windows pc and macbook but not in My Cloud. Other suggestions?

Some other suggestions.

Make sure there is one single partition on the USB drive. The single bay My Cloud sometimes has trouble with multi partitioned USB hard drives.

Try using a powered USB hub and connect it to the My Cloud then connect the USB drive to the USB hub. Could be the USB drive is pulling too much power from the My Cloud USB port causing the My Cloud to throw an error.