My Cloud does not show in Smart Ware!


I have read through a couple of similar posts here but none of them seemed to come up with an obvious fix.

I have the My Cloud for a couple of weeks. The issue (which defeats it’s purpose) is that the auto backup with SmartWare just isn’t working automatically as expected. If supervised and I remember on the startup of Windows the following few steps seem to workaround the issue, but never unsupervised.

So if on startup of Win 8.1 64bit I remember to open a ‘file explorer’ and click on network, then about 80% of the time smartware would recognise My Cloud networkdrive. Yes, my network discovery is on. I use Norton Internet Security and it’s firewall is no issue either. The drive is connected to my Virgin Media super hub.

Another issue is that the drive spaces out about once a week and it goes completelly off the grid until I pull the plug and perform a hard restart.

Any ideas??

You can try a couple of options.

First one will be to assign a static IP address to the drive and map the unit.

Also, you can check the router interface in other to ensure the drive is not been blocked by the router security when the drive is not accessible. 

How to configure a WD My Cloud or WD My Cloud EX4 Personal Cloud drive with a Static IP

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Hi John,

thanks for the advice. Nice and easy, however more issues came up.

I have managed to assign the static IP and map the unit. For some reason I couldnt map the whole drive, but had to do 2 drives, my ‘Backup’ and ‘Share’ separately. 

Now the issue I’m having is that the drive still does not show up in the smartware, unless I click on network in file explorer. I have noticed that the drive will show up if in the network folder if it shows up under drives as well as under computers. If it only shows up under computers smartware wouldn’t find it. Probably a Windows issue again, but your help would be appreciated… Sometimes it shows up under media devices too, even though I have disabled media sharing.