My Cloud Desktop: revealing new « Yado » NAS?


Just browsing the Resources folder within My Cloud Desktop v. package and I saw this:

Is this a new NAS of some sort? Or replacement for My Cloud Home?

Thanks. Sorry it is not available in France apparently, I should have made a search anyway before posting. My bad.

Well, it seems it only does photos but in a better way than the My Cloud Home. The videos show a “dog” search sorting out all dogs photos.

Maybe we’ll see this kind of feature in the newer My Cloud Home software.

Maybe that’s what this Beta is all about?
New Update to My Cloud Home is coming! - Inviting Beta Testers!

Yes, there’s def smart searches coming for photos…it’s noted in the new beta iOS app, but needs home to have a new firmware update which is due in a few weeks if all goes well by the looks of it…
Signup for beta to take a look?- it’s here on the forum…

In fact the ibi software running on that phone in the video is exactly same as the beta iOS wd my cloud home app!!