My cloud desktop app - may be a silly question

Hey there - 


I am not sure if these 2 issues are related - but it seems mighty coincidental… I have a new office laptop that I was installing the My Cloud to access my home cloud (already installed and shared).  The install was normal, but at the end, my symantec anti-virus agent reported back it was out of date.  I tried to update it and it couldn’t find a file… yad yada,.

Then I got another sys tray pop up that my virus scanning was disabled - Windows Defender (not used in our organization)

PLUS it installed SCCM and SCEP – 


Does the MY Cloud client disable any other Virus scan, and install SCCM and SCEP?  

Thanks so much - 


I didn’t have any issues with anti virus but we dont run symantec at work

not sure exactly what SCCM & SCEP are but a quick search looks like they are tools you IT department would use to manage the desktops so I doubt the the mycloud client had anything to do with it