My Cloud Desktop App Login

Updated firmware to 2.31.149 today and then the desktop app My Cloud asked me to sign in, It called for the network login with email and then listed me EX4100 I tried to login and the dialog box will not allow me to enter my user name, when I click on it the box turns blue and doesn’t allow me to enter the user name, It does allow for the password which does not work on it’s own. I uninstalled My Cloud and reinstalled it to no avail. Anyone smarter than me on WD please help.

Same here! Stupid. Wish i had never updated!!! It’s like useless now.
What a bad company WD. Don’t make professional series if you do not offer any support.
They offer a ■■■■ webinterface.

I can’t help but agree to the sentiment (to some extent) however, this sort of comment doesn’t help resolve the issue. I have the same difficulty but have had no response. The software no longer seems to work and a friend of mine whom I have set up a folder and given access, cannot get to the data I want to pass to him. He cannot access the data via the ‘’ website. He is using a Macintosh Desktop. I will suggest that he try with a mobile device as that seems to be my only remaining option.

No support, a bad product and no interest in their clients. That’s what I see, and the reason for my sentiment. A lot of money (we have 2 systems) wasted.

Friends if me with Synology are laughing about it, showing the ease to login their systems with an app, streaming whatever they want.

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I can’t help but agree with you. I have been waiting for a meaningful answer (or any answer) to my original question and am still waiting.