My Cloud dead, how to see content on Windows 10?

@cpt_paranoia & @Bennor
Dear friends, I am having the same issue

My home cloud suddenly dead and went offline. I connected with Paragonm, I found the disk with 1.2TB data, however, I cant find the folder structure I used to save my files in home cloud

this is the disk I mounted

But it show like this

Is there any way I can copy my files out of this WD POS with my folder structure?

Million Thanks!!

PS: I am using my cloud home (single hard disk) 8TB, I read some more post last night and I cant find any inbrick post for this model, so I worry if I use the my cloud 4tb image to unbrink will cause issue

Is it unbrick is the only way to get my files back in the original folder structure?

I don’t know the file structure on the home device. But your file should be under the mnt directory. On the gen2 My Cloud the data is stored in /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Public

thanks @rac8006
checked, dont have this folder in my cloud home
and I checked the size, it show something like this
I think somehow I must use the cloud home to read my file, but I think it is brick in last update, the light is always on White, but I can ping the IP in network, just said offline in WD discovery
feeling super sad as I bought this for me 1 year son and now… :frowning:

Try posting on the My Cloud home section.

thanks! Ijust found out that there is a “My cloud home section”
I was search those posts from Google

Hi anil1, My Cloud home is not working and i am unable to retrieve my data, Please help me out by explaining the way

Hi fung, Since you recover the Data from My Cloud Drive, Please advise me the full process, Either here or on my email ID

Hi RODBEH_FAROKHYNIA @cpt_paranoia @Bennor @anil1 @fung @Jorn_Johanesson @rac8006 @
My My Cloud Drive is showing offline and not working from 3 months, It is worst experience ever i seen, Please guide me to get back my data as it is my whole life memories from childhood till now,

I paid USD 2,000 for the WD local data recovery company (you can find in their website) to recover my files and send me back
No the best result, but I am happy, because I can get back all the memories which money cant buy
Good luck!

Do you have a My Cloud or a My Cloud Home device? They are not the same. In another post ( you indicated you have a My Cloud Home. If you really do have a My Cloud Home device, see the dedicated subforum for the My Cloud Home devices.

The various methods to try and recover data from a My Cloud device may not work for a My Cloud Home device since they are not the same.

Generally if one has a single bay/single drive My Cloud (not My Cloud Home) device they can remove or “shuck” the hard drive from the enclosure. One can then attach that drive to a computer and attempt to read the drive contents. For Windows one will need to use a third party driver to read the Linux formatted My Cloud drive. The Linux File Systems for Windows by Paragon Software is one such third party drive that can be used to access the “shucked” My Cloud hard drive attached to a Windows PC.

The better option is for one to use a Linux OS and see if they can access the shucked My Cloud hard drive. Various Linux distro’s offer the ability to create a boot disc or boot USB flash drive that one can use to boot their computer into Linux and from there acchess a shucked My Cloud hard drive.

If the drive is unreadable then one may have to try using various third party Linux data recovery options to try and recover data. One could even go so far as to pay a lot of money to a dedicated data recovery service to try and recover data. Results are usually mixed.

The My Cloud Dashboard offers the capability to backup a My Cloud to another USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud. The feature is called Safepoint (first gen) and Backup (second gen). If one has done so they can recover that backup data (from the last time it was backed up). Generally one could attach that USB hard drive to a PC and access that backup file data.

Hi @Bennor I am grateful to uou, Thanks a lot for such detail msg, I have My Cloud Home 4 TB, Should i do in same way as you mentioned above or if there is another method, could you please explain.

I would suggest you see the dedicated subforum for the My Cloud Home ( As previously explained the My Cloud Home is a completely different device, with different features and options, than the My Cloud line.

I have never used a My Cloud Home. The users in the My Cloud Home subforum will probably be able to provide more information. One can search through that subforum using the magnifying glass icon in the upper right of that subforum to find past discussions on how to recover data if it is even possible.

Hi I have a My Cloud by WD, it’s been a couple of months now, I’ve done what you say here in the forum with this program> Linux File Systems for Windows by Paragon Software
However, the transfer speed of the files is 2-3 mb / s here at most !! am i doing something wrong, will the transfer be so slow?

Are you using the trial version of the program? And has that trial expired? When the trial expires they limit the transfer rate hoping to get the user to pay for the program. See the FAQ (

Can I try the product for free before buying?
Sure, you can try Linux File Systems for Windows by Paragon Software for ten days completely for free. After that the speed will be reduced until you activate a purchased license.

Other things to keep in mind, how the hard drive is connected to the computer can affect speed. Using a USB 2.0 to SATA adapter will be slower than using a USB 3.0 to SATA adapter (when connected to a USB 3.0 port). Where one is copying the data can affect data speed. The size of the file (or large number of small files) can affect data transfer speed.

One may have better luck using a Linux OS boot disc/USB flash drive to copy a large amount of data from the hard drive to another location. Ubuntu ( is one such popular Linux distro that offers booting from a DVD or USB flash drive:

How to burn a DVD on Windows:

How to create a bootable USB stick on Windows:

Let me tell you that I have put my hard drive for recovery given to a desktop pc internally with a Sata connection, also the Paragon program gives me another 8 days in trial so I ran this hard disk sentinel program to see what health it has. WD RED 2TB that I had in my MYCloud, and it got me this message in the photo below, thank you for your quick reply

With WD discontinuing support and remote access for my generation of MyCloud, I am looking at replacing it with a Synology Diskless DiskStation, and using the Hard Drive from the MyCloud. I had previously replaced the original drive that went bad with a WD 3TB Red Drive, so I want to keep it. I also keep a backup of the MyCloud on a separate 3TB WD My Book. Is the recommended method to install the HD in the new diskless device, and then format it to their and restore from the My Book? If I am reading this thread correctly, the drive’s OS is proprietary, but can be accessed with EFTA (which I used when I replaced the original HD). Thanks in advance for your replies.

I believe you are correct. If you are prepared to have the old drive reformatted, it should work as you describe.

  • Backup the mycloud
  • extract the drive
  • install drive in new device
  • new device would very likely reformat the drive
  • Restore data from the backup

Thanks for confirming. Appreciate your feedback.

Hi @cpt_paranoia, @Bennor and the others,
I have a problem to use WD Discovery to access the files of my MyCloud Home Duo in RAID 1 mode (20TB Version). Installation is correct and it worked for several years. I can access all my data via App and Webbrowser but it is not possible to download more than 50 files at once and it would take years to get all.

Is it possible to connect one of the 2 drives via USB to SATA converter to a laptop to download the whole files?
I use a Macbook pro and I think this would be the right software: Write/read access to Linux files under macOS High Sierra - extFS by paragon software for Mac

Which converter do I need? Does it need a separate power supply (12V). What would you recommend?

Are the files encrypted after mounting with paragon?

Thanks for your help.