My cloud damaged but drive is ok

Is there any way to read drive that was removed from my cloud? I have 3tb drive with some data on it that i would like to retrieve but my MAC can not read that drive. I have tried few free data recovery softwares but they dont allow to recover everything. Drive was not formated and seems to be in cood condition. Any chance to get some drivers that would help to read it and just copy data back to my internal drive in Mac ?

The WD My Cloud’s internal hard drive is formatted EXT4 … which is a Linux file system.

I have tried that solution and no luck yet. I will retry again maybe some other settings anything that need to be changed.

Is the MyCloud still functional? Does it boot and can you get ssh access to it? If so you should be able to browse the file system and copy files using scp from your Mac.
Otherwise I would say find someone with a linux box (or re-purpose an old pc/mac of your own) to copy the files.

My Cloud is totally dead. I took the drive out from it and only have the drive. I will try your suggestion to get Linux.